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Beef Health and Biosecurity Service

Beef Vet Services


Buy health, not medicine. Good health is rooted in bio-secure practice. Herd disease breakdowns strain finances and mount significant welfare challenges. Don’t undo your hard work- keep on track with health planning and biosecurity.

► Dynamic health planning service- protocol based with scheduled reviews
► Personalised comprehensive Pro-Health year planner
► Farm specific vaccination and/or disease screening protocols with reminders ► Purchase policy biosecurity plans
► Medicine usage and storage protocols
► Farm walks- environment surveys, internal and external biosecurity plans
► Herd Health Plans to satisfy audit requirements
► CHeCS Accreditation disease screening

Ignoring biosecurity could be the most expensive mistake you’ll ever make. Use Molecare health and biosecurity service on demand or as part of our Beef Pro-Health packages; ensuring good health and welfare will safeguard good profit.

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