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Our Molecare Winter Newsletter 16/17 has arrived

Our Molecare Winter Newsletter has landed and in it you will find a bundle of interesting articles including: Moving towards a reduction in antibiotics, Richard Turner MRCVS, Director of Molecare Veterinary Services and St David’s Poultry Team; Top tips for healthy lambs; Vaccination against pneumonia, Chris Gregory BVSc MRCVS, Farm Vet; Neosporosis in cattle – […]

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Rumen boluses and maximising fertility

Dairy farmer, Steve Middleton believes that smaXtec boluses have the potential to maximise fertility in his block calving herd. Rather than being reliant on cow neck or legs straps, which can be knocked and damaged, the smaXtec bolus sits in the rumen and automatically monitors activity and temperature. Alerts are then sent to a smartphone […]

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A smaXtec customer review

LC & AJG Knowles of Hollingshill Farm, Worcestershire started using the smaXtec system only 6 weeks ago and they are already seeing significant benefits. The dairy herd is a high yielding, three times a day milking system with currently 430 milking cows. Austin Knowles says of the smaXtec system: “Calving notification is the biggest benefit […]

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