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Equine Dentistry

Eleanor Storey BSc (Hons) BVM&S MRCVS, St David’s Equine Practice Dentistry is a rapidly growing area of equine work, due to the increase in understanding of the importance of a healthy mouth for the general wellbeing and performance of a horse. To enable complete dental examinations and to ensure work is performed thoroughly, our vets […]

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Tooth Root Abscesses in New World Camelids

Katie Scotter VetMB BA MRCVS, Molecare Veterinary Services Tooth root abscesses are a common condition seen in new world camelids in the UK. Unfortunately, it is often noticed by owners too late to avoid deformity and chronic infection, so it is a condition to be aware of and to check for regularly. Early intervention is […]

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What exactly is Strangles?

Zoe Satsias BVM&S MRCVS, St David’s Equine Practice                 Every horse owner dreads the word ‘Strangles’ being mentioned by their vet. We all know that a diagnosis is serious… but what exactly IS Strangles? Strangles is one of the most common equine diseases worldwide. It is caused by […]

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