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Check out our Summer Newsletter!

Hello everyone!

We hope you are all coping well with the hot summer weather that we’ve had recently.

We have been busy putting together our Spring/Summer edition of our newsletter for you all to have a read through.

In this edition, you will find a variety of articles:

  • Dairy wisdom in uncertain times, by Nick Barradale
  • Should I worry about Johne’s?, by Krzysztof Reich
  • HerdInsights:Moletech
  • Worm strategies for grazing, by Johanna Marsden
  • African Swine Fever, by Sylvaine Lacrosse
  • Coccidiosis in lambs, by Rose Young
  • Scabby sheep, is it always scab?, by Raechel Parker
  • Dental x-rays for pets, by Katie Knott from Molecare Pet Vets

You can read our latest newsletter here!

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