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Dairy Fertility Service

Dairy Vet Services


Focus fertility action in your herd and optimise your fertility efficiency/21 day preg rate. Reducing an excessively high calving index by 20 days could save over £40/cow/year. Engage with one of our experienced vets to tailor your routine health visit now.

► Routine Health Visit (RHV) tailored and scheduled to suit your system
► Fertility action, treatment and synchronisation protocols
► Data analysis, performance monitoring and benchmarking
► Dairy Focus Group- SW benchmarking group across Molecare and Feed Solution farms
► Metabolic profiling and ration checks
► Bull Sure: Bull health and fertility service
► Fertility training and skills with Molecare Knowledge Share

Reduce forced fertility culls now and ensure optimal production with fresh cows filling the tank. Molecare Dairy Fertility Services are available on demand or as part of one of our varied personal service contracts.

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