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Dairy Nutrition Service

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Good nutrition is the foundation for dairy cow longevity and production. Molecare nutrition service aims to take a holistic view of animals, diet and herd management- helping you feed for optimal health, productivity and profit.

► Dairy Focus Group production and milk quality benchmarking
► Routine whole herd monitoring- cow signals, BCS, rumen fill, cud scoring, dung
scoring, feeding behaviour, production analysis reporting

► Transition health monitoring- disease surveillance and ketosis monitoring
► Metabolic profiling, DCAB urine analysis and mineral/vitamin screening
► Feed storage, mixing and presentation analysis
► Independent ration analysis on farm with unbiased guidance & discussion
► Knowledge transfer and up to date industry progress with Molecare Knowledge Share

Molecare Farm Vets are keen to work with your nutritionist and farm advisors on behalf of your business- focusing on the common goals of health and production.

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