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Dairy Udder Health Service

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Stop running money down the drain with unacceptable levels of poor udder health. Reducing clinical mastitis rates by 20 cases/100 cows/year could save you over £50/ cow/year. Manage bulk milk SCC to boost productivity and take advantage of further bonuses while avoiding SCC penalties.

► Monthly SCC treatment action lists and dry off guidance reports
► Data analysis, benchmarking and reporting as required
► Dairy Focus Group benchmarking engagement
► Mole Valley Farmers Dairy Hygiene Team support on healthier udders
► Clinical mastitis, SCC and DCT treatment protocols
► Full udder health investigation / Dynamic and Static parlour investigation
► Farm specific Udder Health Molecontrol Plan
► Staff skills and training with Molecare Knowledge Share

Monitor and manage with Molecare Udder Health Service. Allow healthier udders to reduce infection pressure and lactation knocks; increasing cow longevity, welfare and profit over lifetime.

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