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Lamb Health and Production Service

Sheep Vet Services


Achieving good lambing % is only part of the challenge. It is crucial to maximise lamb survival and growth potential with management of nutrition and infectious/parasitic disease. Tighten financial efficiency and ensure growth rates are achieved on bought-in stores or homebred lambs with production and management reviews.

► Lambing shed and lamb health assessments
► Data analysis and efficiency planning
► Treatment and vaccination protocols
► MoleTech weigh team services, growth rate analysis and benchmarking
► Trace element profiles, including liver biopsies and lamb thyroid ratios
► Lamb finishing nutrition plans
► Parasite control service
► Purchase policy biosecurity plans
► Staff training and lambing protocol establishment with Molecare Knowledge Share

Even the most reliable of rearing programs are challenged by unforeseen issues- monitor and manage your lambs with our Sheep Pro-Health services. See our sheep health packages here.