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AHV International

AHV International

Molecare Farm Vets are delighted to be the sole distributor of AHV International products across England & Wales, allowing us to provide nutraceutical solutions for an array of common on farm problems for both our client base and beyond.

AHV International is the leading developer of the Animal Health Vision Concept. Through a combination of services and solutions, AHV works to proactively support and relieve livestock farmers, veterinarians and agricultural businesses through providing them with nutraceutical product solutions to target the most common livestock ailments.

Through the use of innovative science, such as Quorum Sensing (QS), the AHV product range works to support the health and wellbeing of the animal to improve their productivity on farm.

The Molecare Farm Vets team are able to support and advise on the AHV products and concept to enable farmers to make informed decisions on the healthcare programmes for their animals.

If you would like to speak to an AHV representative, or for veterinary advice from the Molecare Farm Vets team regarding the nutraceutical range, please contact [email protected]