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Lorna Pillar BVM BVS MRCVS

August 2020

With the warm weather picking up for Summer our team at Molecare have been helping clients to best manage the worm burdens in their lambs. Each year brings new challenges when it comes to worm control and we are always on hand to help our clients to find the most effective treatments and preventions for their flocks.

As vets we are able to tailor a worm control plan based on a number of factors including; individual farm system, management techniques to reduce worm burdens, parasite forecasts and wormer resistance on farm. We are also working hard to ensure that wormers are being used responsibly, as this is essential in order to preserve the effectiveness of the wormers that are currently available to us.

It is also worth noting the risk of Lungworm in young stock, and as a practice we are keen to raise awareness of this issue and to ensure that farmers are keeping an eye out for coughing young stock who may be suffering from the parasite. The symptoms often go unnoticed and so we would urge farmers to be alert where vaccines are not being used.

In other practice news, as mentioned in Katie and Lorna’s Mastitis article last month, our team have been trialling some new nutraceutical products from AHV Holland that can help cows to fight this costly disease. The team are really impressed with the initial results and are keeping very busy with the data collection and analysis work as we explore the capabilities of what AHV has to offer.

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