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Our Molecare Winter Newsletter 16/17 has arrived

Our Molecare Winter Newsletter has landed and in it you will find a bundle of interesting articles including:

Moving towards a reduction in antibiotics, Richard Turner MRCVS, Director of Molecare Veterinary Services and St David’s Poultry Team;

Top tips for healthy lambs;

Vaccination against pneumonia, Chris Gregory BVSc MRCVS, Farm Vet;

Neosporosis in cattle – should we just be blaming dogs?, Sylvaine Lacrosse BVet Med MRCVS, Farm Vet;

Indicators for a successful transition: Targeting the right approach for your system, Charlie Carslake BA BVSc MRCVS, Farm Vet Intern;

Rumen boluses “less hassle than collar based heat detection systems” smaXtec testimonial.

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