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Sheep Parasite Control Service

Sheep Vet Services


Control of parasites, both internal and external, is paramount to ensure your flock remains in good health throughout the year. Do you know your drench resistance status? Without testing, wormer resistance is only obvious when it is over 50% prevalent- can you afford to wait? With 38% of farms reported to suffer from ‘triple resistance’ it is imperative that the correct product is used at the optimum time to minimise risk.

► Flock specific parasite control plans
► In-house faecal egg counting service with worm control advice
► Resistance testing – Faecal egg count reduction tests
► Fluke screening – Faecal copra-antigen and egg count testing
► Diagnostic visits for external parasite issues

Every farm is different; use Molecare sheep parasite control service to tailor control plans to your flock, ensuring productivity does not suffer. See our sheep health packages here.